Growing up in the Bay Area of Northern California has raised me to be aware of my diet and exercise.  As a result, I have become an active person who regularly participates in sports.   My downtime is always filled with active hobbies that force me to press beyond my normal limits.  You can find me participating in:

  • Indoor and outdoor rock climbing
  • Dance
  • Brazilian Jui Jitsu
  • Traditional standup boxing
  • Personal training
  • Health and fitness
  • Hiking with dogs


Hip-Hop and Latin modalities, in particular, are my favorite forms of dance.  They allow for vast personal expression in a way that liberates me on a primal level.  Please, take a look at what is arguably the most surprising side of me. 


Since July of 2013, I have been completely enamored with indoor and outdoor rock climbing.  This is a sport that requires 100% of your physical and mental focus.  If you are distracted by the slightest then the consequences may be serious.  Climbing is a very enterprising sport and it forces everyone to be forcefully creative.  You are limited by your physical resources to such an extent that the inner innovator MUST come out. 


As with nearly every other person I have spoken with, I love to travel.  There are so many faces to humanity and I strive to see them all!