In a world of distractions, disruptions, and paradigm shifts a personal and proprietary blend of principles ensures I am the same effective professional regardless of project.

90 / 10 | Accountability

No matter the input, at the end of the day the success or failure of a project rests upon my shoulders regardless of my role in it.


80 / 20 | Efficiency

Part game theory and part Pareto's principle.  With this principle teams never operate alone or without support.


30 / 30 | Opportunity

Put yourself and your project under the microscope.  Never miss an opportunity to create value for your organization and its customers!


3 x 80 | Contingency

Have backup plans and backup drills.  Run these drills regularly so that you can adapt to an unpredictable world.  Always be prepared!


30 x 60 x 120 | Operationalization

Define your calendar with a Pomodoro technique inspired regiment that will ensure you're getting the most productivity out of your day.